Interactieve LED Display


The Clevertouch V Series is the perfect solution for a budget conscious touchscreen. It has all the essential features of a Clevertouch, but without the Cleverstore or integrated apps of the Plus or Pro range.  Much of the software and all of the accessories of the Pro and Plus range are available as optional extras for the V Series – check our feature comparison table for full details.
Designed for education, Plus Series interactive touchscreens have found their home in the classroom. Clevertouch has none of the disadvantages of projectors: no obscuring shadows and no issues with bright light. Our entire range showcases beautiful screens and simple controls, allowing teachers to focus on what really matters: communicating ideas to their students.
Make meetings easier with Pro Series | IR Touch. Advanced agnostic connectivity and various security and networking options make Pro Series | IR Touch the ideal choice for security conscious businesses.
Introducing the innovative, cutting-edge collaborative solution—Capacitive Touch from Clevertouch. The sleek, slim, and super-responsive Capacitive Touch boasts the same unique features as the rest of the Pro Series, but also benefits from edge-to-edge technology, and stunningly fluid instant handwriting from two electromagnetic pens.

LUX – a better experience with every touch

Our brand new LUX user interface is the most advanced interface ever built into a large-format interactive touchscreen.

LUX makes the Clevertouch a beautiful, intuitive experience through expertly designed touch controls, familiar to any owner of a modern smartphone or tablet.

Not only does LUX put you in complete control of our screens, it also gives you the power of small-screen Apps on a huge display – perfect for teaching or sharing.

Whether it’s our focused range of Integrated Apps or our unique dedicated educational Cleverstore every Clevertouch makes you productive right out of the box.

Read more about LUX – only on Clevertouch.